About the Company

About TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD.

Formed in 2019, and with the rapid growth, the company has incorporated in 2019, as TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD., with its headquarter in Singapore

TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD. has forged ahead in its area of specialization – distribution. A leading distributor for information technology products in the country, TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD. has carved a reputation for strong dealer support and a penchant for product selection. This entails a corporate structure that is based on intimate industry experience, and which also recognizes and caters to the needs of the dealer supply network. It also means that the company is cognizant of the changing market environment and can introduce products in anticipation of strong market demand. TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD. represents several leading brands and principal vendors recognize that TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD. forms an important conduit for their products.

In essence, TechGlobalPC PTE. LTD. has proven to be constantly at the forefront of the distribution services with its market knowledge, product expertise and corporate services.

Our promise to our customers

Our Commitment

We always commit ourselves to be the best-in-class distribution company in Singapore to offer wide range of solutions and services to our customers at competitive pricing, fast delivery, sound technical support and superior pre- and post-sales service.


Our Focus

To ensure our customers are always at high level of satisfaction, we continue to improve our value-added distribution service. We react quickly to market fluctuation, understand market trend and customer needs, and offer end-to-end solutions, competitive pricing, stock availability, on-time delivery, and excellent after sales service.


Our experience

We have the best knowledge in the software and computer hardware products! Feel free to contact us for any software needs.

Why choose TechGlobalPC

We have blazing speed support to work 24 hours a day! Efficient support from our customer service officers.

Super fast shipping and business arrangements

We ship your products the same business day! We arrange business consultations to suit your timing and needs!

Have installation and service problems?

We offer free onsite consultation and installation at your doorstep!